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The goal of the hair transplant adviser is to provide you with the tools to make the best possible choices in dealing with your hair loss.

Choosing to have hair restoration surgery is an important decision. You are seeking a treatment that will permantently alter your appearance. In today's procedure-dominated medical industry, many doctors make decisions based upon their own economic interests rather than considering what is in the best interest of the patients. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to educate yourself about both, the hair transplant procedure and the physician who will perform surgery. This will help to ensure that you have a safe procedure and that you achieve the best possible cosmetic result. This site contains detailed information on procedures such as follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction.

What to look for in a hair transplant surgeon
From The American Hair Loss Association

  1. Can your hair transplant doctor provide you with a minimum of 10 sets of before and after photos taken at the same angle, the same background and the same lighting? These picture specifications are important to ensure that there are no possible discrepancies when looking at the individual cases. Be sure that the photos provide a clear view of the hairline, as well as the mid anterior scalp. If possible, ask your doctor to provide you with photographs of donor scars.
  2. Ask for the names and phone numbers of at least 6 patients that you can contact to discuss their experiences with the hair transplant physician and staff that you are considering. If possible, ask to speak with two physicians who have had the procedure performed by the hair transplant doctor you are researching. Last but not least, ask to meet patients that have similar hair and skin characteristics as you. It is very important to view patients with these similar characteristics in order to assess your hair transplant physician's ability to provide you with a realistic and beneficial outcome.
  3. If the hair transplant doctor or hair transplant group you are considering claims to be performing follicular unit hair transplantation, ask the following questions...Read more on Selecting a hair transplant surgeon

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