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Spencer Kobren – Women’s Hair Transplants On YouTube »

Fitness Model Monica Brant answers  caller’s questions during a Bald Truth Live streaming hair transplant event.   As the first women to ever allow her hair restoration procedure to be streamed live on the internet, Monica Brant told Spencer Kobren that she wanted other women dealing with hair loss to know that it OK to do [...]

Spencer Kobren Live From LA on Bald Truth »

Providing hair loss sufferers with the ability to rediscover a sense of self has been a big part of Spencer Kobren’s radio show Bald Truth for many years. It’s not easy dealing with baldness, but with the right mindset finding love, even when you feel a little less attractive than you would like is definitely [...]

Spencer Kobren - YouTube Video On Hair Transplant Photos »

Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon can be a daunting task. When doing your homework it’s important to understand that hair transplant before and after pictures can be very deceptive. In this YouTube Video, Spencer Kobren discuss the how simple lighting tricks can make someone  go from significantly bald to having a much fuller looking [...]

Update On Dutasteride »

Finasteride, which is the generic name for Propecia, has been approved for the treatment of Male Pattern Hair Loss since 1998. Finasteride works by inhibiting the enzyme ,5 alpha reductase type II, that forms DHT. There has been a lot of interest by both patients and physicians in dutasteride, which is a drug that inhibits [...]

HairMax Laser Comb Inventor David Michaels Defends Efficacy of His FDA Cleared “Hair Growth” Device »

In February of 2007 Lexington International LLC, the makers of the HairMax Laser Comb, announced that they received FDA clearance of their hand held laser hair growth device and described this event as a “landmark achievement”.
510k FDA clearance allows the company to legally state that the HairMax Laser Comb is now clinically proven to promote [...]

Using Minoxidil and Finasteride, Interested In The Laser Comb - Does It Work? »

I’ve had a thinning spot on the top of my head for almost 10 years.
I’ve been using Minoxidil and Finasteride since 2004, and the combination seems to be working. I may have a little regrowth, but the important thing is that the spot seems not to be growing.
My question is this: Is there anything [...]

12 Year Old Daughter Has Hair Loss, Is It Too Soon For a Hair Transplant? »

I hope you answer my question. My 12 yrs. old daughter has been diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia. Her hair has been thinning in the front and at the temples. We have been using the 2% Rogaine for 3 weeks, as recommended by her dermatologist. The hair in the back of her head seems normal. This [...]

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Hair Loss - Can Propecia Help? »

I am 57 and have had multiple hair transplants with great results. I suffer from male pattern baldness. Two years ago I began taking testosterone and HGH replacement therapy under the direction on an anti-aging physician. My concern is by increasing testosterone/DHT, am I at risk of loosing the grafted hair. What has been your [...]