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Using Minoxidil and Finasteride, Interested In The Laser Comb - Does It Work? »

I’ve had a thinning spot on the top of my head for almost 10 years.
I’ve been using Minoxidil and Finasteride since 2004, and the combination seems to be working. I may have a little regrowth, but the important thing is that the spot seems not to be growing.
My question is this: Is there anything [...]

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Hair Loss - Can Propecia Help? »

I am 57 and have had multiple hair transplants with great results. I suffer from male pattern baldness. Two years ago I began taking testosterone and HGH replacement therapy under the direction on an anti-aging physician. My concern is by increasing testosterone/DHT, am I at risk of loosing the grafted hair. What has been your [...]

Dutasteride vs. Finasteride »

I have been on 1.25mg of finasteride daily for the last 10 years, over the last year my MPB went from a norwood 2 to a 4 aggressively. I am now contemplating .5mg of dutasteride every other day, I understand that dutasteride isn’t FDA approved for MPB, some studies in 2002-03 revealed more hair counts [...]

Why Do I Need To Use Propecia and Rogaine? »

Why do I need to use Propecia and Rogaine? Why can’t I just have a hair transplant?
The simplest way to answer these questions is to give you an analogy. A dentist does not prevent tooth decay, toothpaste prevents tooth decay. Just like tooth decay, hair loss is a progressive disease for men [...]

Interested in FUE, but concerned about shock loss »

I will be 30 years old in November and have been on Propecia for 21 months to prevent further hair loss. Fortunately it has significantly slowed the rate of loss, but did not regrow any hair. I am mostly stable now, although there is still some slight regression. Currently, I am a NW2.5V patient on [...]

When Can I See Results From Propecia? »

- When should I start seeing the results of Propecia’s use on those smaller hairs at my hairline (the only place where I am losing hair)?
- Assuming Propecia cannot grow back the hair already completely lost at the hairline, I would like to consider a minor hair transplant sometime this fall to help recreate [...]

Post Hair Transplant Surgery Suggestions? »

I had hair restoration surgery performed by Dr. Wolf in June 2006 (about 1 year ago). I am satisifed with the results, but I am wondering if there is any continuing maintenance I should know about.
I have been using regular shampoo, going in the sun, etc. Are there ways to maximize the results [...]