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HairMax Laser Comb Inventor David Michaels Defends Efficacy of His FDA Cleared “Hair Growth” Device

Hairmax Laser Comb Inventor David Michaels Defends Efficacy of his hair growth deviceIn February of 2007 Lexington International LLC, the makers of the HairMax Laser Comb, announced that they received FDA clearance of their hand held laser hair growth device and described this event as a “landmark achievement”.

510k FDA clearance allows the company to legally state that the HairMax Laser Comb is now clinically proven to promote hair growth in males with androgenetic alopecia.

However, the $64,000 question that still plagues many well known hair loss experts is, can the HairMax Laser Comb grow visible, appreciable hair or is this FDA “clearance” based solely on slight changes in hair characteristics and microscopic photographic evidence?

Does the HairMax Laser Comb truly help hair loss sufferers, or is Lexington International just helping themselves to an even bigger piece of the $3.5 billion a year hair loss industry pie?

The Bald Truth Radio ShowOn Sunday October 7th, 2007 The Bald Truth Radio Show invited Lexington International’s CEO and inventor of the HairMax Laser Comb, David Michaels along with Randy Veliky, Lexington’s COO to answer some difficult questions about their product as well as to speak with callers who purchased The HairMax Laser Comb.

Issues discussed on the program include:

  • The difference between FDA approval and FDA clearance
  • Specifics of clinical study results.
  • Why the FDA only granted the HairMax Laser Comb clearance for males?
  • Does the HairMax Laser Comb really stop hair loss and regrow hair?
  • Is their a difference between the HairMX laser comb and other LLLT hair growth devices?
  • The validly of Lexington’s before and after photos.
  • Inventor of the Hairmax Laser comb David Michaels’ credentials and much, much more.

Listen To The Show:

The Bald Truth Segment One

The Bald Truth Segment Two

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